Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet summer evening, after rain.

Sweet summer evening, after rain.

When the light is just right. 

    Soft, with scattered spots of fire
         in raindrops left behind.

And there’s that golden glow
     that burns along the edges of the leaves.
Each leaf, it seems, would be consumed,
         but is instead transformed
               into transparent living gems.

The light so bright in shifting spaces, 
      pure white
           between the shadows and the green,
and shafts shine down 
     on laughing children on the grass.

Life itself slows down so we can catch a glimpse of glory,
   and feel the gentle ache between each heart beat.

A homesickness for promised times we’ve yet to know.

The birds, so bold at other times
      are calling softly, shyly
              in the quiet of the almost night.

      Perhaps they feel it, too.

An eagerness to look ahead, into the glow.



lisa said...

I found your blog in TOS Magazine. Love the poem - thanks for sharing!
Blessings in Him,

Sara said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by.

Anonymous said...

How I love this! I feel that sweet ache in my own heart when I read this. Thank you so much, Sara! (Ruthie)

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