Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Rain

End of Summer Rain

Evening rain that rains straight down
     without a wind to raise alarm.

Windows open wide to hear the soothing song.

Peaceful rain on trees and rocks and grass. 

Dripping eaves and rivulets
     add gentle rhythm
          to the droning melody.

Quiet rain that puts us all to sleep
     with gentle voice and whispered lullabies. 

Falling water peaceful
     like the deep and even breathing of children sleeping
          undisturbed by steady rainfall just beyond
                their windowsill.   

Lord, thank you for this rain that breathes out peace.   
Thank you for this rain that brings good rest. 
Thank you for this rain. 
September rain.


Treasure from the Junk Drawer
copyright © Sara Shull
•All text and poetry by Sara
•Art illustrations by Sara
•Photos by Sara or the Shull kids
~~~~All rights reserved~~~~

Bible verses:
The Holy Bible, English Standard Version (ESV)