Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Journal Snapshots ~ Mid-Winter 2011

Hello Family, Friends, and die-hard Shull Family Fans everywhere . . . it's time for another episode of Journal Snapshots!  An insider's look at the more lighthearted moments in our household, at least from my point of view.  


Watching Sam and Ben engaged in some intense sword fighting with light sabers accompanied by curious back and forth dialogue: 
     Nat, “What are you guys playing?”
         One boy took the time to cry out a reply . . . “Binoculars!”  
Oh. Well that clears that up.

Looking for Ruthie at naptime -- I found her crouched behind the bathroom door wearing my reading glasses. When I moved the door to see her and asked what she was doing, she looked up in the most natural way and replied . . . "Mom, is that you?" 

"Mom! Mom! Ruthie is bleeding!!!" yells Jon as he skids into the kitchen. 
     Not hearing any crying in the distance, I ask, "What kind of bleeding?" 
          Jon looks at me seriously and replies, "Red." 

Grace showed 6-year-old Sam a picture of Pastor John and asked him if he knew who it was.
      "Yep," Sam replied, "That's our actor!" 

The Academy of the Three Amigos is officially back in session. On the agenda today: My Father's Dragon, clock time, tying shoelaces, trees, a few workbooks and advanced light saber techniques with sound effects.

So it's true. Sleep does make a difference. What shall I do with my mind today, while it's here for a visit?

Sunshine and dripping icicles.
      Frozen trees half-exhale in the warming air 
             ~ a hint of springtime mixed with woodsmoke in the air. 
Reminders in the bleak midwinter that Life will triumph in the end. 

This morning, I opened my eyes to find Ruthie about eight inches from my face. I started to say something when she interrupted, "Shushhhh. Go back to sleep Mom." 
     It's hard to sleep and laugh at the same time, but I gave it a shot. 

Martin Luther King Jr. was only 39 years old when he was killed. Somehow I didn't realize that. "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." 
— MLK Jr. 

Sub-zero windchills are leading to an epidemic of excessive and potentially furniture-destroying, Tigger-like bouncing around here. All that sun and snow and too cold to play. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce . . . 

There is an old outhouse on our property, I can see it out there in the trees when I look out of my kitchen window . . . and after a night of 27 below and a day with a high of zero, I'm more happy than ever that it is no longer in use. 

Morning sun on Winter's snow, 
so bright it hurts the eyes 
hinting of Glory so radiant we need new eyes to see. 

Gripped by Psalm 46 this morning. 
"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. 
     Therefore we will not fear though the earth gives way (!) . . ." 
            "Be still and know that I am God . . ."
 The whole Psalm, rich words to dwell upon. 

Happy Birthday, dear Ruthie! The princess is taking a bit 'o a nap and will be back for more festivities later . . . 3 years old! 

Sam just brought me a heart-shaped Valentine he made for me. It has a picture of the two of us running the 22-ton wood splitter together. Ah, romance is in his future! 

Dedicated baby Daniel Roy this morning at church. 
     Got home safe and sound, before the storm hit. 
          Let it snow! 

Ben's quick quip after laughing at his own misunderstanding of my excitement about having a snow day: "Oh! (laughing) I thought you said a NO day! You know . . .
      'Mom, can I watch TV?' NO
             'Mom, can I play computer?' NO
                     'Mom, will you play a board game?' NO 
                             'Mom, can I have a cookie?' NO..." 

Ruthie just appeared beside me, big tears and wailing. What's wrong dear? (shudder, sniffle) "Sam was really not playing with me and my nose got into Boaz's mouth!" 

I was sitting unsuspecting on the couch when Ruthie jumping up and down suddenly pelted a ball directly at me and yelled, "Hey Mom! FETCH!" 

In trying to defrost some frozen laundry room pipes, I have overloaded the outlet with a heater and a blowdryer and plunged the circuit into darkness. The breaker, however has not tripped, and I can't restore power. Electrical advice anyone? Or is the house about to blow up . . .

OK. Now a hot water pipe burst. Did you know that massive amounts of steam will set off a fire alarm? It will. We got the flood turned off, but now have no hot water anywhere. Twas a blessing the electricity previously went out, however, or I would have had a blow dryer on in the midst of the flood. Thankful nothing dangerous happened. 

I fixed the pipe! My do-it-yourself show starts next week. And the pipes are thawed, thanks to this nice weather. Still can't figure out the electrical circuit thing, but at this point, I'm willing to run my laundry machine with a heavy duty power cord to the hall. But actually, I've lost enthusiasm for doing the laundry today. Strange. 

In honor of the three distinct illnesses which have invaded our home, we are taking a holiday from school. 

Enjoyed a breakfast birthday party for our newest sweet teenager, Lydia, who is turning 13 today! What a blessing to have her as a daughter... much joy for this mother to watch her children unfold and blossom like flowers in the springtime, to see more and more the uniqueness and beauty in each one. 

Just sorted Mt. Washmore with the help of the three amigos. Turns out doing the laundry is a lot more fun when wrestling, giggling, and tug-o-war is involved. Who knew? 

A bit annoyed that my middle-aged eyes required me to get my reading glasses before I could help Jonathan, I sat back down with a sigh. Jon lifted up my chin and looked at me seriously. Thinking he'd find it funny to see me in glasses (which I don't usually wear), I was prepared for anything but what he said, "Hm, you look real pretty." 

This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! 


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