Friday, February 11, 2011

Loving February? Part 2

The challenge (and humor) of loving February seems to have struck a chord with a lot of my friends. A surprising number have mentioned additional things to add to the Merits of February list. Quite a few have told me they are going to try to love February along with me!  Fun!

So here are a few more great things about this month. Perhaps they will entice a few more of you to join the February Fan Club!

•Garden and Seed Catalogs arrive.
•Enjoying your best garden EVER… in your imagination.
•Runners can stop worrying about windchill and train outdoors. Usually.
•Blooming potted flowers reappear in the stores bringing the first true smells of Spring!
•Gorgeous mornings of hoarfrost.  A late winter treat.
•We in the north can be amused by swimsuits being suddenly and prominently displayed in stores.
•Lots of birds come to the feeders because they can’t find food anywhere else.
•Cheap chocolate after Valentine’s day.
•Star gazing without mosquitoes, plus the snow is comfy for lying on your back and staring at the sky.
•If you file your taxes early, your refund (if you’re going to get one) will arrive this month.
•Spectacular icicles.
•Warm enough to wash the car a few times this month.
•Snow shoveling muscles are finally in shape, just in time for the heaviest snow of the season.
•Girl Scout Cookies.
•Warms up enough for the kids to play outdoors for extended amounts of time after being cooped up for weeks . . . months . . . on end.


Best of all - it’s fun to smile and respond unexpectedly with “You know, I actually sort of love February!”  when folks make small talk with the standard late-winter conversation openers. Several people were laughing along with me during a funny conversation with the cashier at the grocery store yesterday after she commented, "Well, do you think this winter is ever going to end?"

So, what else do YOU (try to) love about February? 

ps. Thanks again, Rachel!


Abigail said...

One thing I like about Feb. is that it's short. It's not so puffed up about itself to hang around for 31 days. Just a humble 28. I like that.

Sara said...

A humble month. I like that, too!

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