Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So teach us to number our days


So Teach Us To Number Our Days was included in the Summer 2011 edition of The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine
So Teach Us to Number Our Days was included in the Chapel column of The Old Schoolhouse ® Magazine, Summer 2011. My writing agreement stipulated that I had to remove this article from my blog until six months after publication. I'm happy to be able to share it here again with friends and family. 


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Melissa said...

True truth, beautifully rendered, Sara. Thank you for taking time to write in the midst of your full and numbered days! May we gain a heart of wisdom! Blessings to you.

Abigail said...

Thoroughly enjoyed this and was helped by it. Thanks Sara.

jamsco said...

Yes, It's good you have a blog.

'Chores finally finally done' make me appreciate chores more.

Mom said...

A simple and powerful sermon.
Thank you, Sara.

Rachel P. said...

Amen & amen.
I haven't been back to your blog for awhile - but there was so much good stuff waiting for me here! I so know that feeling about the sight of the house at night from outside, it is magic. Sounds like a really good book you mentioned.
Your ode to Ruth reminded me how cool it is that the mystery is not over once you find out the gender, pick a name or determine the coloring...they keep unfolding - & surprising/enthralling...and I'm sad I missed your birthday - I always forget to look at the cool FB thing that tells bdays!
Now for my vote for my favorite junk drawer blog so far:

Mr. Friend. I love him. And your story. Irony - we are all blades of grass, when he and his brother go..and someone else moves in, even if the old barn falls into disrepair & comes down..his place, will remember him no more(and none of the 12 of his family).
But - God knows the movement and daily health of every sparrow - yet holds us each as far more valuable than many birds. He can still see and hear the loud family, see newborn Mr. Friend, even his mother as a little girl playing in Sweden. God remembers. The earth may think we've disappeared, - but He's just come for us. Happy several days after your birthday - love from, Rachel

Anonymous said...

Such deep and good reminders in the midst of our busy days. What a blessing your writing is! Thank you!

Witt said...

Thank you Sara...my heart is full. I want to run to school and bring all of my babies home! ~Karleen

Wordgirl said...

I loved this, Mom!

Leah W. said...

I read your article in the the magazine and was overwhelmed with joy. You are an excellent writer and I thoroughly enjoyed your article, and look forward to peeking through your blog. Thanks!

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